We are sorry to hear about the difficulty you have had in finding our bagged Ramen flavors in Texas Beef or Cajun Chicken. These two flavors are sold by a different name for retail markets.

For retail markets, the Texas Beef flavor is known as "Maruchan Ramen Picante Beef flavor" and the Cajun Chicken flavor is known as "Maruchan Ramen Picante Chicken flavor." Both are popular flavors and widely available in many retail stores. If your local store does not already stock this flavor, one option is to ask the manager to special order this item for you. Also checking a national retailer such as Walmart or the Kroger group of stores may yield better results.

Another option is to order the product from an online retailer. Prices are usually higher due to convenience and delivery but some online sources where our products can be found include the following:

    Walmart:            www.walmart.com

    Jet:                    www.jet.com

    Amazon:            www.amazon.com

    ShopFoodEx:    www.shopfoodex.com