Maruchan is grateful for your interest in sharing your product or suggestion idea with us. The following is our uniform policy concerning the submission of such ideas. Our preference is that this policy is disclosed to you prior to the submission of any ideas. When this is not possible, our procedure is to explain our policy with this message.

We are sincerely appreciative of every submission and want every submitter to protect their interests, but for legal and practical reasons Maruchan recommends that any idea or suggestion be protected by an issued patent before being submitted for consideration. Please be advised that Maruchan does not compensate for unpatented product ideas or suggestions.

Through our experience, research activities, employees and other sources we have access to a variety of ideas. It is highly likely that any submitted idea may already be known, available to us, or already in development. It is only reasonable that compensation will not be given for the use of such previously available ideas should we at any time elect to initiate them, and whether or not Maruchan had previously given consideration to the idea.

Your interest in Maruchan is genuinely appreciated and we are grateful for your continued support. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.