Within our manufacturing facilities, no peanut, or tree nut allergens are used in the production process of making any Maruchan products. While not a peanut or a tree nut, some products do contain sesame seed oil which is not among the controlled major allergens. The products which contain sesame seed oil are the same as those that contain the dried shrimp garnishment.

On occasion, production lines that processed shellfish allergens are used to produce other products that do not contain shellfish ingredients. When this does occur, all equipment that has had contact with the allergen or is associated with the production process undergoes a rigorous and extensive cleaning program to prevent cross-contact before being put back into service.

Specific information about which allergens are included within each Maruchan product is located just under the ingredients list and labeled in bold print. Among the eight major allergens determined by the United States, at our production facilities, we handle wheat, soy, milk, and shellfish (shrimp/lobster). No eggs, no tree nuts, no peanuts, and no fish ingredients are handled at any of our production facilities.